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Clerk’s Office

Business Hours: Monday-Friday   8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Phone: (518) 731-2718
Fax: (518) 731-2231

Nikki Bereznak-Clerk
Shannon Slater-Treasurer
Jennie Rundell-Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

  • Village Taxes:
  • Taxes are due on or before July 1st. After that date a penalty will be added. Any questions you may have can be answered by Nikki Bereznak, Shannon Slater, and Jennie Rundell.
  • Taxes can be paid in person at the Village office during regular business hours. All taxes mailed will be accepted without penalty provided the postmark date is July 1 or earlier. Penalty on all late payments are calculated as follows: 5% July 2-31, 6% August 1-31, 7% September 1-30 and 8% October 1-31. On November 1st delinquent taxes are turned over to the County. Forms for veteran and senior discounts can be obtained from the Town of Coxsackie assessor’s office on Reed Street by calling 731-6893. Any questions regarding your assessment can also be answered by the assessor’s office.
  • Pay your Village Tax bills online! Click here
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment:
  • REMINDER: The Village of Coxsackie is currently working on installing radio read water meters. To have your water meter upgraded to a radio read meter, please provide your contact information to the Village Clerk’s Office by either calling (518) 731-2718 or emailing, so that we can set up an appointment with you. Thank you.
  • New Water/Sewer consumption rates will be going into effect as of the July 2023 billing for all Village and Town customers. Water and Wastewater Treatment information, rates, and tap in fees can be found in the Water Dept. and Wastewater Dept. sections of the Village of Coxsackie website. Any questions regarding billing or fees can be directed to the Clerk’s Office.
  • Pay your Water/Sewer bills online! Click here
  • Reserve-A-Truck:
  • Village residents are entitled to reserve the Village truck over a weekend to load items to be discarded at the compactor. Forms for the Reserve-A-Truck program can be picked up at the Village office during regular business hours, or by clicking the link below. We suggest that you call ahead to check availability. The truck is given out on a first come first serve basis and will be delivered on Friday evening and picked up Monday morning by an employee of the DPW. Residents will be billed the fee charged to us by Greene County Solid Waste.
  • Reserve-A-Truck Form
  • Fishing Permits:
  • Fishing permits are available for those who wish to fish in the Village of Coxsackie reservoir on Route 54 in Medway. Permits run along with the dates on your valid fishing license. Village of Coxsackie residents and anyone 65 years of age or older are free. A cost of $ 10 will be charged to all non-residents. It is necessary for you to bring a current fishing license along when applying for the permit. There are only two rules to keep in mind.
  • 1. No boats are allowed in the reservoir
    2. Do not discard trash in the reservoir or surrounding area.