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Village Board

Mayor Evans
Mayor Mark Evans

Term: 4/2021-4/2023

Village Hall Office-(518) 731-2718
Home Phone-(518) 731-5555
Cell Phone-(518) 441-8665

Liaison to: Public Works Department, Water Department, Wastewater Department, Code Enforcement, Fire Department, Police Department, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Trustee Donald Daoust
Term: 4/2021-4/2023
Liaison to: Public Works Department

Trustee Stephen Hanse
Term: 4/2021-4/2023
Liaison to: Code Enforcement, Police Department, and Zoning Board of Appeals

Trustee Katlyn Irwin
Term: 4/2022-4/2024
Liaison to: Wastewater Department and Planning Board

Trustee Rebecca Vermilyea
Term: 4/2022-4/2024
Liaison to: Water Department and Fire Department