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Pluralsight Review – 6 Tips You Should Consider in 2022

In 2004 Pluralsight was founded as a classroom training company involving sending instructors into a business or training event and by 2007 the company shifted its approach to online video training.

It has an expanded library of over 7000+ courses that are taught by one of its 1,500+ expert instructors. Pluralsight is a technology skills platform with a focus on developing the skills of tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean Pluralsight is the right platform for you. What exactly does Pluralsight offer? Is Pluralsight really Worth for price? A 10-day free trial or 200 minutes whichever you finish first on its individual and some of its team plans.

Good support

Pluralsight offers email support which is available 24/7 plus phone support and the option to submit a ticket for any question or queries you may have.

Courses for Individuals & Businesses

Courses have been designed to suit the needs of individual learners and for teams.

Course Learning Checks

Short self-paced quizzes to test retention of course material.

Offline and mobile downloads

The option to download course material and videos and view offline makes it super convenient if you are on the go or taking a trip.

Pluralsight Review Verdict

Pluralsight is an elearning platform providing high quality online learning for technology related topics like IT, Data, Information & Cyber Security and much more. All of Pluralsight’s courses are self paced allowing you to learn in your own pace, it offers the most updated courses in technical training.

Pluralsight works on a subscription model offering different packages. Although it doesn’t offer a wide pool of free courses like Udemy or Skillshare it does have a 10 day free trial which gives you access to its core or expanded library and resources which should give you a real taste of the platform and if it is something, you want to invest in.

Who Is Pluralsight For?

This elearning platform offers a couple of courses libraries the Core library (2,500+ courses) and the Expanded library (7000 + courses). Its courses are organised into 3 levels Novice, Proficient and Expert. All topics are related to technology skills such as Software Development, IT Ops, Information & Cyber Security. It focuses on giving everyone access and the opportunity to progress through technology to develop their skills for tomorrow. Pluralsight is not only for individuals, it is also designed to help businesses.

Pluralsight works on a subscription based service offering courses for Novice, Proficient and Expert learners. Its individual pricing plans have a couple of subscriptions which you can pay for either Monthly or Yearly.

  • Standard: The monthly subscription is $29 and the yearly subscription is $299. You will have access to the Core course library (2,500+ courses), paths and skill assessments. A 10-day free trial is included.
  • Premium: The monthly subscription is $45 and the yearly subscription is $499. You will have access to the expanded course library (7,000+ courses), exams, projects and hands-on learning. A 10-day free trial is included.Pluralsight also offers subscription models for businesses and teams that are broken into 3 plans.
    • Starter: You’ll pay a yearly subscription of $399 per user a year. You will be able to upskill your team with access to the core library (2,500+ courses)
    • Professional: You’ll pay a yearly subscription of $579 per user a year. This includes basic reporting and user analytics for teams. A team trial is available with 10 subscriptions.
    • Enterprise: You’ll pay a yearly subscription of $779 per user a year. This includes flexibility and advanced analytics for the enterprise. A pilot is available on request to try out this plan.

How To Open A Pluralsight Account?

Opening an account with Pluralsight account is pretty intuitive, you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on ‘TRY FOR FREE’ (top right corner)
  2. You are then taken to the different individual plans to try for free
  3. Complete the Account details
  4. Add your account details including; First & Last name, Email, Country of residence and Company name (optional)

Pluralsight Pricing

Please note that pricing listed below may change in the future!

Pluralsight is a subscription-based service. Personal plan options offer monthly or annual billing:

  • Monthly = $29/month
  • Annually = $299.00/year billed annually (works out to $24.91/month)
  • Premium = $449.00/year billed annually (works out to $37.41/month)

There are also Professional and Enterprise plans for businesses that pay for their teams to take courses. Ask your employer if they’ll consider getting a team subscription or pay for yours to level up your tech skills! (Pro tip: sell them on how it will help the company.)

Features of the Pluralsight Platform

📱 Cross-platform support: Courses are available on any desktop and mobile device — even in offline mode.

💬 Course discussions for each course so you can interact with other students, ask and answer questions, and find a community.

📝 Practice exams: To help you prepare for professional certifications (Premium, Professional, Enterprise)

👨‍💻 Hands-on coding challenges, projects, and guided feedback (Premium, Professional, Enterprise only)

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