Police Department

Police Chief-Samuel Mento

Phone: (518) 731-8121 or (518) 731-8122
In the event of an emergency please dial 911

Police Dept. Application


Coxsackie Police Athletic League (PAL)

Contact: Sgt. O’Brien-(518) 731-8122

The Coxsackie Police Athletic League – known as Coxsackie PAL – takes pride in helping our community and those surrounding us when needed BUT also focuses on activities and events that are positive and fun! INTERESTED? Let us know!

PAL holds many different events throughout the year and supports our community and surrounding areas when in the time of need. We meet monthly to organize and facilitate activities and events that are planned or being planned. VOLUNTEERS are always needed and DONATIONS are always and gladly accepted! Share your ideas, comments and stories with us!