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Field of Flags

Field of Flags

The Coxsackie Hometown Heroes banner program was the idea of Ronald Daoust, a lifelong resident of Coxsackie and past Commodore of Coxsackie American Legion Post 166. Sadly, Ron was unable to see his vision come to fruition. A few years later, his brother, Donald Daoust, along with Lou Martin, Bill Steele, Yale Frank Jr. and Suellen Meier were able to continue the vision in Ron’s memory by forming a new committee. Later joining the committee were Bob Desrosiers and Kaaren Kiernan. With the help of numerous community volunteers who supported the program, the project was

Now, as you ride through the village of Coxsackie, you will see streets linedwith 169 banners to honor its veterans. Much gratitude is given to the Coxsackie residents and local businesses for their support, along with the Greene County Legislators for approving a grant from the Wayne C. Speenburgh Grant Program.

Phase II was completed this year with Coxsackie’s 1st display of Field of Flags, located on Mansion Street in front of the old school, which is now an apartment building. 106 flags honoring veterans, which is expected to expand next year, are proudly displayed. Many thanks are given to Aaron Flach for allowing the use of the property for the display.

Now, using the money from the community sponsors of the banners and the flags, Coxsackie American Legion Post 166 is allocating donations to nine local charities:

● Coxsackie American Legion Baseball
● Scouting Troop 45
● Coxsackie P.A.L.
● Coxsackie Food Pantry
● Henry Hudson Youth Soccer
● Coxsackie-Athens Little League
● Coxsackie Fire Company Hose 3
● D.M. Hamilton Fire Company Hose 2
● Coxsackie Girl Scouts

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