Waste Water Department

Location: 88 South River Street
Coxsackie, NY  12051


Business Hours: Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and Saturday from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.


Phone: (518) 731-2627


Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator: David Varade


2015 Village of Coxsackie Audit

2017 Water and Sewer Review

Presentation on Proposed Water & Sewer Rates for 2019

Water and Sewer e-Billing Registration Form

Application for Employment


The Village of Coxsackie is seeking applicants for a full-time laborer position, or certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator position in our plant in the Village of Coxsackie, NY. This position comes with benefits and state retirement. Must be 21 years of age, be able to physically lift and carry up to 100 lbs., maintain a valid NYS driver’s license, and be available for weekend work. Laborers must be able to gain state Wastewater Treatment Operator license within 2 years of employment. The job description and application are posted on the Village’s website, www.villageofcoxsackie.com, Facebook, or can be picked up at the clerk’s office at Village Hall at 119 Mansion St., Coxsackie, NY. Applications will be accepted until September 17, 2018



Billed Quarterly

(Effective 1/1/2017)

USAGE                     VILLAGE               TOWN                     NEW BALTIMORE
0-13,610 Gallons          $ 75.00              $ 99.38 + Surcharge*                  $ 99.38
Over 13,610 Gallons    $ 4.00/1,000          $ 5.35/1,000                     $ 5.35/1,000

*Town Surcharges: Residential-$ 28.75         Commercial-$ 37.50




Sewer Tap in Fee:  $200.00


An administrative fee of $2.50 will be added to all invoices. 

A 20% penalty will be added to all invoices after thirty days.


Billing procedures. Water rents shall be billed to customers by the 15th of the month following the month of the scheduled reading and shall be payable without penalty within 30 days after the date of issuance of such billing. Thereafter, a penalty of 20% will be added to the bill per quarter. Penalties may be waived, for good cause shown, at the sole discretion of the Village Board. Failure to receive the bill by mail or otherwise shall not excuse payment of the water bill. Effective 1/01/16, any account that has an unpaid water bill that goes to the tax roll will incur a penalty of $100 or 20% of the amount re-levied, whichever is higher.


Delinquent rents or charges. Whenever water rents or charges have remained unpaid for more than 90 days from the date of issue, the Village shall have the right to discontinue the supply of water to the premises and prevent the further use of water therein, until such rents and charges and interest at 20% per quarter are paid, together with the charge of $50 for again turning on water. Where the supply of water is turned off by direction of the Board of Trustees, no person shall turn it on without first obtaining a permit therefore. Shutoffs will be in compliance with all state and federal regulations.